Saturday, 12 March 2011

so, as you can probably tell from my first few posts, yesterday i changed my collection theme to 'oh i do like to be beside the seaside' instead of just 'Travel' i thought that was too much of a broad subject to really research on so i decided to narrow it down to one or two subjects that stand out to me. I have some brilliant ideas planned out in my head already of what my collection is going to be like i just need to get them down in my book, guess what i'm going to be doing for the next 4 hours.....
This artist is Gillian Bates, found on the website above i really like this artist because her work is really simple with a lot of detail yet it really appeals to me. I'm feeling very inspired today!
also found some more cute artists couldnt find out much about this woman but her work is brilliant by a woman called Jane.

Another few products i found on this website that are also really good.
found this amazing artist just by luck by searching 'oh i do like to be beside the seaside' into google and thought i would pop this up here for you all to have a look at, really good work.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

At the moment in university we are doing a live brief and the brief i picked to do was 'Bon Voyage', iv been doing a lot of research into it and i have found some brilliant arists.This first artist is a lady called Rowena Murray who specifies in Jewellery. One of her projects was these plane brooches which i thought where interesting as i could use them as inspiration in my project. The next artist i found was a textile based artist called Tara Badcock. She also done a collection of cushions which also specified in the 'Bon Voyage' theme.


my first blog post :-)! this whole blog is everything based around my inspiration, my work and things that interest me within my work. follow & enjoy!!